Privacy Glass and Textured Glass

These types of glass cross over into each others catergories as we have a variety of opacity's and obscurities to match your needs.  Privacy and textured glass can be installed in windows, as door cutouts, in cabinet doors, and even some can be used as table tops. Most glass can be tempered, making it durable and able to withstand the pressure of opening and closing a door without a worry. Glass and Mirror Shoppe offers a wide range of privacy glass options that include both functional and decorative glass designs.

Privacy Glass

Use privacy glass to distort a view while still allowing the light to shine through! There are plenty of options to match your style and needs. Our Shoppe's options include:

  • Sand Blasted - creates a frosted glass look that can be words, shapes, logos, and more.

  • Acid Etch - A similar look to sand blasted but covers the entire piece.

  • Rain Glass, Frosted Bamboo Glass, and more!



Textured Glass

Our Shoppe's textured glass offerings include a range of unique shapes and raised elements. This includes cast glass where molten glass is poured into molds to make the unique shapes. All of these can be used as privacy glass with varying levels of obscurity and opacity as well as decorative glass. 

Light can still pass through these types of glass and include:

  • Rain - has the look of water cascading down the glass

  • Clear Bamboo - the texture of bamboo adorn this glass with clear areas in between each bamboo shape

  • Reed Glass, Bubbles, Glue Chip, and more!

Privacy and Textured Glass Samples

This slideshow can give you and idea of the opacity and obscurity that our different privacy and textured glasses can provide.

We can also create a Stained Glass Overlay piece which combines art and functionality to create a decorative piece that maintains your privacy and can have pieces that achieve the look of textured glass.

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