Stained Glass Repair

At Glass and Mirror Shoppe, we don’t want you to throw your broken stained glass away because we can repair them with ease. From treasured heirlooms to door inserts, our artists are here to help with your stained glass repair needs!

Our staff artists, with over 35 years of experience, completes our stained glass repair services including replacement of broken glass, soldering of lead, and adding strength as needed. These services will have your stained glass looking like new!

If pieces are not salvageable, our artist will work with you to create an identical piece in the traditional stained glass or stained glass overlay styles. Our artists are well practiced in finding a fix to your damaged art! For other repairs, check out our Glass and Crystal repair page here.

Contact Glass and Mirror Shoppe here, call at (760) 729-1064, text us at (760) 390-2273, or email us at today to schedule a consultation to discuss options for your stained glass repairs. Including pictures in texts or emails will help us in quoting you without having to bring the piece in first!