Our Carlsbad Office

3095 State Street #G (On Oak)
Carlsbad, CA, 92008
United States

Our hometown and the location of our main office with our showroom and studio! Pick up or drop off glass, meet for appointments, or see samples of our work all in the wonderful Carlsbad Village! Find out more about our home city by visiting their website here.

Many homes here were built in the 60’s to the 80’s which means they used wood or aluminum single glaze windows. Today’s home remodels install vinyl retrofit windows for energy efficiency and sound control made with tempered glass and are dual glazed units. With vinyl retrofit and our expert installers, none to little repair is needed with paint, sheet rock, or stucco give this option minimal contractor involvement or cost.


We have been a Carlsbad staple for almost 40 years, providing glass and mirrors to our amazing clients. We provide our products direct from the manufacturer and also have expert installers to complete your project. Contact Glass and Mirror Shoppe here, or call at (760) 729-1064, text us at (760) 390-2273, or email us at glassandmirror@icloud.com today and we will help you take care of your glass and mirror needs!