Oceanside Satellite

 Our satellite office in Oceanside, CA is available by appointment only at 358 Via Del Monte, Oceanside, CA  92058 as part of North Coast Auto Glass to further cover your glass needs as an option to repair windshields and other auto glass. Call (760) 871-3492 to make an auto glass appointment.

You can also visit Oceanside’s website here, and check out the cities current and ups coming events! Or visit our Carlsbad office to see our showroom and view more of our work, drop off or pick up your glass or mirror project.

Large Vinyl Retrofit Window about to be installed

Glass benefits in Oceanside

With beautiful views and a fantastic coastline, this is a great city to live in with lots of expansion. It is however, close to Camp Pendleton and it's associated testing sounds which can be quite loud. Replacing older windows with new, vinyl retrofit ones is a great solution because of how much they cut down on the sounds from the outside because of the vinyl frame and dual panes of glass. On top of that, the improved insulation will help with maintaining the temperature of your home, while having stronger and safer glass. Plus the installation of vinyl retrofit windows requires minimal if any touch up to the surrounding area, making it an easy process!

Door, panel, and return glass shower unit with custom cut outs

Door, panel, and return glass shower unit with custom cut outs

Glass in Oceanside

With many years of glass experience, we have completed many projects in Oceanside. These include glass shower door units, tabletops, windows, and more! Check out the above navigation to see all of our services and products. As part of our commitment to ‘Excellence in Glass’, we want to be your one stop shoppe for all things glass and mirror!

To contact Glass and Mirror Shoppe, give us a call at (760) 729-1064, text us at (760) 390-2273, email us at glassandmirror@icloud.com or click here to Contact Glass and Mirror Shoppe today and we will help you take care of your glass and mirror needs!