To see more of our work, check out   Art Glass Overlay here  , a division of Glass and Mirror Shoppe.

To see more of our work, check out Art Glass Overlay here, a division of Glass and Mirror Shoppe.

Lead and Beveled Glass

Glass and Mirror Shoppe creates a variety of lead and beveled glass designs that are the perfect addition to any home or office. Also known as clear stained glass overlay or leadlight, these elegant and geometric beveled glass designs can add curb appeal to your home while also enhancing privacy. On top of that, these glass designs provide a beautiful enhancement to your home without tying you to a specific color. Lead glass windows create a fantastic design to your home for some interest or we can even had privacy options along with the design to match your style!

Lead and beveled glass installations are ideal additions to any home, as they let natural sunlight into the room. Combined with our clear textured lamination (overlay film), it diminishes harsh rays that can damage and fade your home’s interior. Using lamination and bevels also means the whole piece will be placed on tempered glass, which is a safer and stronger option over traditional methods.

We don’t stop at just windows and doors however! Lead and beveled glass can be used in cabinets, bathrooms for privacy, mirrors, art pieces, and whatever your idea may be! Be sure to check out our Stained Glass Overlay section for more examples of textures and color.

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