Glass and Crystal Repair

Don’t toss out your chipped or damaged crystal – at Glass and Mirror Shoppe, we provide crystal repair services that will make old pieces look almost new. We utilize a polishing process that will even out crystal edges, saving you the hassle of trying to replace a treasured crystal piece. Family heirlooms will last for generations to come when you repair your crystal collection.

If a precious vase, bowl, lamp, or crystal object is broken, please, don’t despair! With 21st century technology, a special UV optically clear adhesive, along with patience and precision, our Shoppe can make the item restored to an almost like new appearance. We strive to repair what we can and have saved many chipped goblets, broken vases, figurines in pieces, and more damaged glass or crystal!

Glass and Mirror Shoppe is one of the only businesses in San Diego County that provides this service. Contact us here, call at (760) 729-1064, text us at (760) 390-2273, or email us at today to learn more about our crystal repair options.